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My Portrait of Sarah Selecky in The Kit!

Do you ever look back at how some of your greatest friendships began and feel a sense of awe and wonder at how magically life has turned out? This is how I feel when I think about Sarah Selecky.

Not only is she a brilliant creator, a Giller Prize-shortlisted author, the founder of her own writing school, and one of the kindest people I know, but she was also my very first writing instructor!

It was the early aughts and we were both living in Victoria, BC at the time. It’s even possible that when we met, neither of us had yet made any plans to move to Toronto (which we also, coincidentally, did around the same time). I wish I could remember how I found her. If I could bless the coffee shop, flyer, or bulletin board that brought me to her, I would!

Sarah is a gift to the world and it has been a true blessing to have the chance to photograph her radiance.

To read her essay on how her move to the country had changed her style sensibilities, head on over to The Kit!