It's 2019!

I suppose because it’s nearly mid-February, I’m a bit late in welcoming in the new year. To that I say: well, at least it’s not late February — because that would’ve been egregious.

2019 came in like a lion and while mid-February is supposed to be a slow and dreary time, I’m taking advantage of this period by plotting and planning; I’ve got things I wanna make happen this year!

To start, this spring / summer I’m going to be publishing my first book! (YAY!)

It’s a photo novella — a non-fiction narrative told through a combination of both my photography and writing. That’s about all I can definitively say about it at the moment but there will be more information to come over the coming weeks and months, I promise.

In the meantime, while I had been hopeful that this journal of mine would see more activity, the truth is that I’m also putting a lot of energy into my other endeavour which is to post #aphotoaday on my Instagram feed — so if you’d like to see what I’m doing every day, pop on over!

So stay tuned folx — I’m still here and there will be a lot more of me here again soon.

Michelle Yee