It's 2019!

I suppose because it’s nearly mid-February, I’m a bit late in welcoming in the new year. To that I say: well, at least it’s not late February — because that would’ve been egregious.

2019 came in like a lion and while mid-February is supposed to be a slow and dreary time, I’m taking advantage of this period by plotting and planning; I’ve got things I wanna make happen this year!

To start, this spring / summer I’m going to be publishing my first book! (YAY!)

It’s a photo novella — a non-fiction narrative told through a combination of both my photography and writing. That’s about all I can definitively say about it at the moment but there will be more information to come over the coming weeks and months, I promise.

In the meantime, while I had been hopeful that this journal of mine would see more activity, the truth is that I’m also putting a lot of energy into my other endeavour which is to post #aphotoaday on my Instagram feed — so if you’d like to see what I’m doing every day, pop on over!

So stay tuned folx — I’m still here and there will be a lot more of me here again soon.

Michelle Yee
Long time! BONUS: Quick update!

Hello again!

I’ve been on hiatus from blogging (for, what, 4+ years???) and a whole lifetime has happened since then. One of the biggest being that I’d finally (!!!!) achieved my lifelong dream of moving to New York. I did it! I really did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

And… then I became bicoastal and ended up spending a lot of time in dreamy San Francisco as well. So, you know, life’s an adventure and all that.

I’m working on some projects related to this big dream come true of mine so I won’t say much more at the moment but, rest assured, you will hear the story from me. One day. Soon.

In the meantime, I’ve got some news!

Sunday, October 14th - Collage with Me! at the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY

I’m hosting a collaging workshop at the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg. (I know, isn’t it amazing?!? This is my favourite thing ever.) Details are firming up and coming soon but in the meantime: save that date!

Friday, October 26th - Giant Steps in Minneapolis, MN

Giant Steps is a one-day conference that brings together “creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives” — my people! I was blessed when my path crossed that of Susan Campion, the inspiring woman who started it all 9 years ago.

I’m will be participating in a panel discussion and I am so excited. It’ll be my first time in Minneapolis so I’m keen to finally be in Prince’s hometown as well as learn to new ideas and meet other creative minds.

Other spicy things are cooking so stay tuned for future goodies.

Until then, THANK YOU for being here.